Most of the Trustees of the Bishop Spartas Memorial Trust are members of the Orthodox Parish of the Holy Prophet Elias in Devon, which is part of the Exarchate of Orthodox Parishes of Russian Tradition in Western Europe.

For over twenty years the parish has maintained a link with Saint Cyprian’s, a country parish in Uganda, largely through Martin Olsson’s correspondence with the priest, Fr. Daniel. In October 2012, a generous friend made it possible for him to visit the Ugandan parish for their Patronal Feast. It was during this visit that he met Dimitrios and Athanasios, young men who were just completing their secondary schooling and hoping to go on to university. It soon became clear that their only hope of realizing this dream was to find sponsorship from outside Uganda and the Bishop Spartas Trust was born.

Martin Olsson (Chairman)




Joanna Taylor

Helen Olsson (Treasurer)

Kirsty Scorer (Secretary)