The Bishop Spartas Trust

The Bishop Spartas Memorial Trust for Education in Uganda raises funds to make a university education accessible to Ugandan students who would not otherwise be able to afford it.

We are registered as a Charitable Trust with HMRC (ref:EW56890).

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*Covid-19 Update*

Our Students and Covid-19

In March the Ugandan government embarked on one of the most stringent precautionary lockdowns in Africa, with strictly enforced restrictions on movement, including a night-time curfew, and the closure of all schools and universities.  At the same time the health authorities launched an extensive public information campaign, and used their recent experience of tracking ebola and marburg virus outbreaks to set up a highly efficient test and trace network.  As a result, actual cases were kept at a very low level for several months, and while they have increased since mid-August as they have everywhere else, the number of recorded cases by late October was still under 12,000, while deaths attributed to Covi-19 numbered 106.

The lockdown has of course made things difficult for our students.  We are very glad that Athanasios was nevertheless eventually able to complete his final semester through online tutorials, and graduated in August with a B.Sc. in Computer Studies.  His chief regret was that his graduation ceremony was virtual, so that his mother could not be with him on his proud day.  Dimitrios was also able to make some progress with online studies, and since formal hospital student placements have been suspended, he has made good use of the opportunity to help out at the mission hospital where he has spent many of his vacations.  The university has now reopened for final year medical students, and he has just returned to Jinja to restart his final semester.  The student who has suffered the most serious disruption is Helen, who was halfway through her second year B Ed studies when lockdown started.  She has been able to access some online teaching, but the university has given no indication when she might be able to resume full-time study.  For her this is a particularly hard time.

We keep all three of our students, and their families, in our thoughts and prayers.             

Martin Olsson,  Chairman of Trustees

30th October