We have undertaken to fund Dimitrios throughout the five years of his medical training at Kampala International University. The Bishop Spartas Trust is paying 60% of his tuition fees (he has a scholarship meeting the other 40%), his accommodation and food expenses, all totalling approximately £2500 per annum. Dimitrios is doing extremely well in his studies and passed his mid year Viva exams in Year 2 with over 70% marks.

Dimitrios has now successfully completed his second year at Kampala International University Medical School, consistently coming in the top 25% of his year group. He is now starting his clinical studies at MulagoTeaching Hospital and says he is ‘just so excited being mostly in hospital with not so much theory and expecting more practical work’. During the vacation he worked on placement at the Orthodox Mission Hospital in Kampala, where he came face to face with some of the more difficult aspects of being a doctor, learning that not all patients recover, and having to give relatives bad news: ‘It’s a really hard experience for me facing death and the reaction of patient’s attendants.’ In his emails he always expresses his thanks to the Trust and to all its supporters: ‘Thanks so much to all sponsors, I am really so grateful. You have made everything possible for me to become doctor, a dream I had from childhood which has failed for many but you have made it possible for me.’